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Donate Your History to the Leather Archives & Museum

It’s important to remember that the LA&M is an archive. The purpose of our collections is to preserve things from the past. If you are still using your clubs records, or still enjoying a piece of art on the wall, or still flipping through that issue of Exotique magazine, please continue to do so. When you are done using it, the LA&M will still be here. If you have materials you would like to offer the LA&M, please contact us to let us know what you’ve got. We will check for appropriateness and duplicates and make shipping suggestions. If you have materials that you would like to offer to the LA&M at some point in the future, consider making a codicil in your will. You can plan now to make sure that the history or artwork you are saving doesn’t get tossed in the trash. For more information on how to donate your materials, read our donation brochure. We ask potential donors to accompany artifacts (leathers, pins, patches, ephemera) with documented provenance, or information regarding the origins, custody, and ownership of an item or collection.

Send or drop off your donations to the collections:

Leather Archives & Museum

Attn: Acquisitions

6418 N. Greenview Ave.

Chicago, IL 60626

Additionally, the LA&M requires that any donor complete a donation agreement by downloadable PDF. After you complete the form you can ship the materials using the above mailing address.

While you do not have to become a member to contribute to the collections, we do ask that leather community members consider committing to membership to help support the operating cost of our 10,000 sq. ft. museum, library, and climate-controlled archive!

If you have questions about making a donation, please reach out to us using our Contact Us page.

Please use our preferred shipping method United Parcel Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I donate an item to the collection?

A: Fill out a Donation Agreement and send your items to the address above.

Q: How should I present items to the LA&M for the collections?

A: When donating an item to the LA&M we ask that you not glue, tape or affix items in any type of “presentation”. Adhesives can be harmful to artifacts shortening the life of the item. Equally, most commercial framing materials are not of archival quality and will interfere with the proper storage methods used by our archivist so we ask that you not frame artwork or photographs.

Q: What types of material do you collect?

A: The Leather Archives & Museum collects all materials related to leather, fetish, kink and alternative sexualities. More information on what we collect can be found in this brochure

Q: When will my items be exhibited?

A: We cannot guarantee that donated items will be placed on exhibit. What you see on exhibit at the LA&M and on the road is about 1% of our collection and exhibits are rotated on a regular basis. Additionally, items from our collection are loaned to other institutions and exhibited at events around the country.