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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I donate an item to the collection?

A: Visit the Donate to the Collections page, fill out a Donation Agreement and send your items to the address on the donations page.

Q: How should I present items to the LA&M for the collections?

A: When donating an item to the LA&M we ask that you not glue, tape or affix items in any type of “presentation”. Adhesives can be harmful to artifacts shortening the life of the item. Equally, most commercial framing materials are not of archival quality and will interfere with the proper storage methods used by our archivist so we ask that you not frame artwork or photographs.

Q: What types of material do you collect?

A: The Leather Archives & Museum collects all materials related to leather, fetish, kink and alternative sexualities. More information on what we collect can be found in this brochure

Q: Do you simulcast/record lectures in the auditorium?

A: Unfortunately at this time we do not have the resources to record/transcribe/distribute our lecture series online. This is something we are looking into for future lectures and presentations here at the LA&M. If we do make programming available online, it will be posted to our YouTube channel.

Q: Is your organization a 501(c)(3)

A: The LA&M is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a charity under the 501(c)(3) provisions. This means that monetary donations as well as donations to the collections are tax deductible subject to IRS rules and regulations.

Q: Do you need an appointment to research in the archives?

A: Yes, we require an appointment to do research in the archival collections. The library collections are available during normal business hours without an appointment. For more information on researching in the archives, visit the research assistance page.

Q: What is your shipping/mailing address?

A: All packages, correspondence, donations, etc…. Can be sent to the following address:

Leather Archives & Museum

6418 N Greenview Ave.

Chicago, IL 60626

Q: How can I volunteer/get involved with the LA&M

A: Visit our Volunteer Opportunities page for more information on how to volunteer at the LA&M in Chicago, at events around the world and in your community. You can also find current paid and unpaid staff opportunities.

Q: Can the LA&M donate an item to my charity fundraiser?

A: It is our policy to only donate items to charity fundraiser's that directly benefit the Leather Archives & Museum. You must submit your request at least one month in advance of your event in writing, provide a physical mailing address and a contact phone number. The LA&M cannot make any monetary donations.

Q: How do I get my company’s logo on your website?

A: Placement of commercial logos is reserved for current corporate donations of $10,000.00 or more. All donors at all levels are listed on our Donors page.