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Traveling Exhibits

The Leather Archives & Museum provides several different traveling exhibit options for any size event. An attendant accompanies the exhibit to answer questions, take donations and provide event participants information on how to donate to the collections, perform research and answer any other questions event participants have.

SECOND SKIN: An LA&M Satellite Exhibit

The Leather Archives & Museum can provide up to 30 vests/sashes or other material items from our collection depending on the size of the space available. This exhibit includes photos and bios of the previous owner of the item, a video slide show of images from events and clubs from your region, a video about the LA&M itself and select items that pertain to your event demographic.

The Leather Preservation Project The Leather Preservation Project The Leather Preservation Project

LA&M Film Screening

By The People: 25 Years of Community Archiving at the Leather Archives & Museum shows what happens when an otherwise-marginalized & often-silenced sub-community within the larger LGBTQ+ community comes together &, via preservation of their community's names, histories, documents, & artifacts, brings itself an enhanced visibility that, ultimately, fights against sex & sexuality social stigma, celebrates authenticity & consent, & demands that sex & sexuality be treated as valid topics that requires academic study. We provide all the equipment and the film, you provide the audience.

Information Booth

Perfect for any event where you just want your event participants to have the basic information about the Leather Archives & Museum and the community it serves. This exhibit can fit in a small space approximately 10’ x 10’. Add to that a spin the prize wheel for donations game and the Etienne selfie wall for a fun alternative for your event.

Information Booth Events
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