Kink U Online - Bootblack Series


The LA&M has proudly partnered with the Titans of the Midwest and Kink U to bring you online education opportunities. Four international Bootblacks host a seven week educational series on the care of various leather goods.  This series was produced during the Covid-19 global pandemic and occurred via video conferencing software.

In episode 1, Bootblack Bella provides an introduction to the tools needed for a basic kit, and where to find supplies in local stores and online.

In episode 2, Kinky Irish Cowboy offers a review of the basic kit supplies and addresses the basics on how to do a basic combat boot. He talks about laces and storage concerns such as dust, and answers audience questions.

Episode 3 features IMBB 2015 Bamm Bamm, reviewing basic kit items and techniques for cleaning clothing, including pants, chaps, belts and shirts as well as tips on proper storage.

Episode 4 features Alistair (he/him, trans masc) a UK bootblack who lives in rural West Wales on the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast. Alistair's grandfather introduced him to the concept of caring for your boots when he was young, and his father taught him to spitshine Royal Navy style.

Bella joins us again in Episode 5 for Handbag Ballin' with Bella, addressing the specific needs of care of leather handbags and purses.

Episode 6 of this Bootblack Series features Kinky Irish Cowboy offering a review of basics. He also talks about the specifics of suede and sneakers.

In Episode 7, Alistair returns to teach the care of leather floggers.